Monday, October 31, 2011


I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year.
I'm Excited.
I'm Terrified.

I'm running around pulling my hair and muttering to myself about it.
Ok. I should have done this sooner. It's intimidating to think that for all the writing I do I wont be able to finish on November 30 with the necessary 50,000 words. I know I can do it, but the fact that I'll be held accountable by OTHER PEOPLE this time is seriously giving me fits.

Deep breath, let it out slow.
Calm and Center.

Nope. Not helping.
I'm perfectly aware that this is not a race to see who's best and brightest. It's just the opportunity for us to get something done for once. To 'Free The Beast'. To work on that totally off the wall idea that's been sitting in the corner pouting for the last (6mo, 5yrs, 20yrs).
We wont be judged on style or genre or theme. No one is going to throw a fit over my bad grammar.
It's a place for us to post a word count and have the competition be only for ourselves. To see just how far we can go. Most of the stuff that comes out of NaNoWriMo will be utter dreck. But that's o.k.
Some of it will turn out to be treasure in disguise.

Whether or not my work for NaNo will be a treasure or drivel is anyone's guess. I'm willing to try, if only to find out for myself what I can do.

I'm Excited.
I'm Terrified.