Monday, May 9, 2011

Visualizing the World of the Story

 So here I am writing along, riding the wave of storytelling magic when- Screeech! I'm stuck. I can totally visualize the world of my MC, but when I try to see the Destiny Rebels I hit a blank wall. I can't figure out where, geographically, the lair should be hidden. I can see many of the rebels themselves and each of their personalities are coming through loud and clear. I can picture the walls and the hallways, the graffiti and maze of wiring rigged to steal resources from High Command and the sub-hives. I just can't see where the place is in the grand blueprint of Regulator Seven's world.
 I go to the magazines for help. I have quite a few. I look at photos of buildings and maps and archaeological sites and take a peek at fashion mags (just in case I get an idea, ya never know). Nothin', nada, zilch. I get blank looks from all the pretty people in the mandatory spammy ads.
 I look on the internet. I get lost in all the info.

 Then I decide maybe it's best if I just wait it out. Not get ahead of myself. I'll write down each scene of the lair as I get it and just file it with the rest of the 'to be added' scene cards. Sometimes when I'm writing I just have to let the world speak for itself. Like exploring a new city for the first time. You know where you want to go but the map is outdated and when you ask the locals for help they just frown and give you that 'stupid outtatowner' look. The only way to get there is to fumble along, watching for street signs, taking wrong turns and backtracking until, finally,suddenly, you see the destination.
 So for now, I wait. The next time Seven is chasing a fugitive through the streets and alleyways of a sub-hive I'll pay special attention to the little signs. I'll watch for code in graffiti, out of place people, dead end alleys that shouldn't be there and listen to the intuition of my MC. Because, of course, she knows this world better than I do.


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